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Katrin C Felicitas

Katrin was raised in Småland, Sweden and moved to Östergötland later on. Today she lives in a house at the edge of central Norrköping. 

Writing is a free-time acitivty for Katrin. She works full time in the IT-field as a software tester. 

Choosing a genre was not a problem as fantasy always has been close to her heart.

From “Höstens Böcker 2021”, Katrins debutant portrait:

My earliest childhood memory was long ago. I was about 4 years old, me and my family was living in a square semi-detached house in Germany. I had been naughty and as punishment my favourite book was taken away. It was placed out of sight on top of a wardrobe in my room. At that height it felt the same to me as if it was on the top of a mountain. But I was determined to climb that mountain to get what I yearned for. I had a small desk with a matching chair right next to the wardrobe. I got the brilliant idea that I could use that for my climb. The chair was placed on top of the desk and I started to climb, first on top of the desk, then the chair. As I stood on the chair I could just barely reach up to the top of the wardrobe, but what happened next I did not expect. In my struggle to reach the book the chair move just enough so one leg tipped off the side of the desk. I was flung across the room where my bed was and landed with my head on the hard edge of the bedside. The event gave me a two centimeter scar on my forehead, a memory that today proves to me I was ready to climb mountains for a book. Even as early as four years old. 


Shortly after the event involving my favourite book, me and my family moved to Sweden. 

When school started we would sometimes go to the library. My choice was often fairy tales. I loved to immerse myself and dream about this other worlds, but I rarely finished the books before the due date was out. As the years went by and homework became more extensive, we sometimes got assigned to read a book and review it. I always had a hard time to review the books on time and finally came up with a solution. I negiotiated with my teacher to be allowed to write a short story instead of reading the assigned book, my teacher agreed. 

After that I wrote a lot of short stories. Then life happened with other adventures and challenges, but I still rarely go to bed without a good book by my side. 


Today I instead climb real life mountains. I have been to a lot of different hiking journies across Europe, and most recently I climbed the mountain Kebnekaise, the tallest mountain in Sweden! My love for hiking often translates into my writing, as the characters often find themselves traveling outside on foot. 

I picked up writing again a couple of years back. At this point, I have finished one book and have another raw script. I also have a lot of barely started ideas. I always get a nice and warm feeling in my body when I see all the drafts on my computer screen. I remember all of them as if I started writing them just yesterday. I would love to finish them all right away, but I’m also happy to know that I have that much more to look forward to writing and finishing.